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Solfeggio amulets

healing sounds of the solfeggio frequencies ... in fusion with light-full tachyon energy

The Solfeggio frequencies, consisting of six tones, have apparently been used in religious music since the 11th century. In addition, there are indications that already in the times of Atlantis, in ancient Egypt, in early biblical times, as well as in ancient India and Tibet, healing was done with these frequencies.

Physician and researcher Dr. Joseph Puleo rediscovered Solfeggio frequencies in the 1970s and brought their benefits to public awareness. In his research, he used mathematical number reduction to identify six measurable tones that would restore balance to the body. Solfeggio frequencies refer to specific timbres that support and promote various aspects of mind and body health.

* * *

Production of the Solfeggio amulets: The Solfeggio amulets are tachyonized with the BIOTAC LINE© method developed by us in the 90s and subsequently sonicated during a precisely defined time with  analog frequencies assigned to the Solfeggio sequence. Based on our decades of experience we have chosen silicon as the information carrier.

Application examples: The Solfeggio amulets can be worn as pendants ... or suspended in space like a mobile ... and thus interact with the air and water molecules that are in the room. It would certainly also be interesting to grant yourself a few minutes and during this time take your amulet in your hand and allow yourself to be "enchanted" by its energy.

* * *

Hmmm ... just by the way: maybe it would be a good idea to hang a Solfeggio amulet in your car ... because our tachyonized BIOTAC Line© products offer a variety of possibilities ... and the energy of this amulet is (maybe) able to impregnate the interior of your car with lightful energy.

In any case, we wish you much pleasure, fun and success with the Solfeggio amulets !