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BioTrinity Hope


CHF 128.00


All modern color theories are based on the principles of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's color theory. Goethe himself called the study of colors his life's work and attributed greater importance to it than to his literary works. He established that there are three pure colors: namely red, yellow and blue, and that the other colors are mixtures of them.

For good reason "we" have chosen these three colors for the production of the BioTrinity Hope as well as the Wheel of Hope.

* * *

The BioTrinity Hope can help sensitive individuals integrate the rapid energetic acceleration into their personal routines during this time.

The conscious interaction with this pendant can help to promote the removal of inner obstacles and to initiate a noticeable acceleration of transformation processes. Seen in this way, we can assume that the BioTrinity Hope acts like a coach that supports us to be able to implement projects and plans more consistently.

* * *

The red triangle invigorates, conveys decisiveness and is associated with the Muladhara-Chakra.

The yellow triangle promotes optimism, conveys courage & self-confidence and is associated with the Manipura-Chakra.

The blue triangle conveys calm, intuition, peace & foresight, and is associated with the Ajna-Chakra.

* * *

Each BioTrinity Hope based on silicon is individually handmade by employees of a small renowned glassworks in Bavaria, and then "informed" according to information channelled in 1999.

Dimensions: 34 x 36mm