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E*GATE Obelisk


CHF 232.00


To liberate ourselves from manipulation by "invisible" energies

Each E*GATE Obelisk, shaped and polished from a flawless borosilicate block interacts primarily with the issue "free will".


The name E*GATE means: Energy-Gate; which could be described as "energy portal". The energy of this wonderful object is connected to the subtle fields that surround us and our planet. These energies can help us to achieve different things on a material level. This object induces -among others- that the atmosphere of an apartment or a house is balanced and that in perpetuity harmony arises among the residents.


The E*GATE Obelisk, whose measurements are based on the "golden ratio", creates virtually an area of freedom and clearance for the persons living in its proximity.


Each E*GATE Obelisk is interactive and reacts, even if it may seem strange to you, even to subconscious reactions, ideas and potentials of the user. Although it is only an "object", it is something like a "roommate". Quiet spots between plants or in front of beautiful paintings would be an ideal place for placing this tachyonized sculpture.


The energies emanated by the E*GATE Obelisk can help to clarify "things" and manifest harmony at all levels. The energy potential of this wonderful object primarily relates to the following applications:


> for the energetic purification of the living area and the workspace

> for freeing us from "invisible" manipulating energies

> for a lightful ambiance in our sphere of life

Dimensions: 57 X 100mm